My Cat is Acting Different

by Jacquelynn
(College Station, Tx)

I've had my two cats for awhile now, but recently I had to take them both to my friends house (good environment, no other pets) because I'm going on a week vacation to Colorado. Well last night was the first night she pet sitted my kitties and my youngest Maggie was perfectly fine she said.. But my older one Ms Willy, cried all night long. She never cries at my house unless she wants food, of which I know my friend had plenty of food in her bowl. Why else would Ms Willy be crying? Does she think I gave her away?

No don't worry your cat is simply feeling
a little anxious and is calling which is there way of getting attention which in turn will help to make them feel safe and secure.

yes the crying will sound pitiful but it should subside as she gets used to her new routine.

tell your friend to make sure that she feeds both cats before bedtime and plays with them so that they can settle down for the night. Also your cat needs some new toys to keep her entertained throughout the night.

Don't worry she is fine and will settle down.

best wishes kate

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