My cat is acting pregnant but can't be

by Bea

We have a rescue cat, we've had her 6 months & she is about 2 years old now. We don't know her full history but do know that she had 2 litters before we got her. She has been spayed, and about 3 months ago had her boosters and was given a clean bill of health. We do let her out as we live near a big field & no main roads and she isn't overly adventurous. We keep her wormed & deflea'd. My hubby and I are both experienced cat owners but we are very confused. She is acting like she's pregnant!! It's very odd. Over the past few weeks she's been getting fatter with no change in diet or routine & she's taken to sleeping in strange places (under beds, in the washing basket, middle of the porch) which is out of character. She's also taken to hiding & just generally being a little "off". She isn't aggressive or anything but just isn't herself. She's eating & drinking fine so I'm not overly concerned. Just wondering what this could be? Maybe a phantom pregnancy? Although she isn't nesting.

Thanks for any help!

How odd your right it does sound like pregnancy symptoms especially if you say her belly is getting bigger. I would have said a phantom pregnancy except that would not explain her tummy getting bigger as it would be purely behavioral.

My thoughts are, either the operation was not done properly, I don't know if this is possible but must be considered, and she is pregnant or her behavior is associated with her not feeling well and these behaviors are the only indication of this.

My advice would be to err on the side of caution and take her to see a vet to have her check over, especially as it has been going on for a few weeks now.

I would be interested to know what they say is causing her to display this changed behavior etc as it is rather unusual combined with the weight gain. I do have one thought; perhaps a thyroid condition is involved. Please see this page for the two conditions which can affect cat thyroids one of which does include weight gain.


Hope she is Ok

Best wishes Kate

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