My cat is acting strange and is very lethargic

by Matt

My cat is a female whose name is Avery she seems to be very lethargic and does not seem to be eating, and is about a year and a half. She has drank a few times but not a lot, she only seems to sleep and does not really like too much attention. I have gotten a new kitten about 5 months old, Avery seemed to enjoy the fact that she was there and played with her. After a few weeks I took her up to my parents house which is a lot larger than my appartment, she seemed to enjoy this and explore more. After another visit to my parents for my birthday she seemed normal until most of my family left and when my kitten Margot tried crawling under the covers with her she growled at her. When I got back Avery started sleeping a lot and gets irritated when Margot tries to play with her or gets in her face. All of this occured over a 1 1/2 month period. She used to be energetic, my girlfriend and I have found that my new Kitten Margot has tapeworms as well. Any idea of what might be wrong with her?

Answer by KAte
Umm sounds to me like she is definitely feeling unwell, her symptoms would suggest this as they like to be left alone and sleep alot. However it is impossible to say what the cause would be, she needs to be thoroughly examined by a vet.

the fact that you mention that your other cat has tapeworm may also mean that this cat too may have worms.

You just don't know what she may have picked up onm her recent trip away. To be on the safe side I really would recommend a trip to the vets as soon as possible.

best wishes KAte

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