My cat is acting very strange please help!!

by Paige Tipton
(Boston, MA, USA)

This is Carly

This is Carly

Today my cat ( a calico named Carly) randomly started to act veryyy strange.she keeps sitting/lying in the same place all day or walks around my dining room table in circle repeatedly. Yesterday, she was completely normal. But when she sits down she seems very on edge and almost nervous, and she is the lovey-est cat ever she always jumps up on the couch and purrs but every time i put her up she jumps down to the same spot she has been all day..she keeps smelling the same spot and looking around like something is there. But when i go check nothing smells and nothing is there!! When i walked up to go pet her she gets scared and ran away to the second spot and lays down.I went to pet her and wheni finally did she showed she liked it so I dont think she is in pain at all. She is spayed, She is like 5 yrs old, indoor cat(always has been, except when Im outside and she calmly sits on the grass and doesn't run away), we have one other cat but she always hides and never comes out except at night, sometimes they don't get along and fight. Should i take her to the vet or is this normal?? Please help!!

Answer by Kate
Hi this sounds to me like another cat has come in from outside (perhaps without you knowing) and she can smell them. this would explain her searching behavior and her nervousness. It may even be a smell of another cat brought in on someones shoes.

if i were you I would clean the area thoroughly and see how she is over the next few days. If there are other changes in her behavior like not eating etc then you may want to consider taking her to a vet for a check over. but I do think that she is just reacting to a strange smell which has spooked her.

best wishes Kate

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by: Anonymous


Our cat used to have a favourite chair and he always sat there happily all day. However since we had to put him in a cattery for a week due to a family holiday and since we returned he has been really strange. He sits outside all day even in pouring rain (he never used to go out at all - even if it was just drizzle) and when we try and encourage him to sit on 'his' chair he sniffs around and jumps straight off as if he can smell something strange - any ideas??

My cat is acting very strange please help!!
by: Will in San Jose

This morning, my 3 year old calico (Yoko) was sitting by the back patio door when I got up. 6 Hours later she is still sitting there and meowing like crazy. She did take a normal potty break and she's eating normally. She has never done any thing like this ever. There is no possibility that another cat entered the house. And Yoko has never been outside. Other cats have walked around the back yard many times and she always forgets them as soon as they leave. I wonder if she isn't worried about an earthquake. The last earthquake she jumped on top of the refrigerator. Any thoughts?

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