my cat is acting very strange

by sarah
(guernsey channel islands)

i have had my cat for 5 years and he is the most placid loving and affectionate cat you could wish for but 6 days ago he went missing all day something he most definatly never has done come 1 in the morning we were getting very worried so went looking for him we found him but he was petrofied would not come near us it took us many attempts to get hold of him and bring him in once in the house he was acting like he did not know where he was so we kept him in all night following morning he was howling and freaking out i let him out then did not see him for two days we were very very worried finally on sat morn over 48 hours later we found him outside curled up next to a stream soaking and very cold and scared took him to the vet who said he had had a bad scare and he was infested in fleas and ticks so he was treated and was told to keep him in for 5 days all day sat and sunday he slept did not move from where he was then some how monday he forced the cat flap and got out did not come back again later that day my husband found him under a car and had a real hard time trying to get him to come to him in the end he had to grab him by his scruff and drag him out he fought to get out my husbands arms but we got him in he has slept all the time since

not moving he wont go to the litter box or his food i have to take him to them please help what is wrong with him we love him so much so worried many thanks sarah

Answer by Kate
This sounds terrible. His behavior does suggest that something has upset him very badly and he is not sure how to handle it.

It may have been a loud noise, or a near miss with a car or perhaps a new cat or other animal is in the area and he is trying to protect his territory.

My cats have gone through periods where they just dissapear for days and don't want to come in at all, then after a week or so they are back to normal as if nothing had changed.

My advice would be that you really do need to keep him inside for at least a week. this will give him time to settle down again and to over ome any fear he may be experiencing.

You may have to keep him in one room with his bed and litter tray so that he can't make a break for it. It will also help with the calming down as the area is far less to worry about. Interact with him throughout this period and make sure he has plenty to keep himself amused.

In some extreme cases it may be advisable to give your cat something to help them relax and calm down.

I have a web page which you may find of further help here

I hope he is back to his old self again soon

best wishes Kate

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