My cat is acting weird, making croaky meowing sounds

by Becca

I have a two year old female cat, she she is a house cat and hasn't been spayed! She has started vomiting quite alot after eating and im slightly worried. The other day she got out of the house and since then, she makes a weird croaky meowing sound constantly, and she rubs her head against everything, or constantly wants her face rubbed whilst im stroking her. She is sticking her butt in the air aswell and when stroked sticks it even higher. My first thought was that she was in heat, but she has been in heat before and she behaved differently and male cats were hanging around my house. She Flinches if anyone goes near her back end... please help, i'm really worried about my cat!

Well yes it does sound like she is in heat to me. She may even have met a male cat while she got out and may have mates which may have made her rear end a little sore.

The head rubbing is a sure sign of being in heat as it is a sign of affection and also of spreading their scent. they have scent glands around their mouth and on top of their head.

The vomiting may not be associated as sometimes cats go through periods of vomiting especially in spring when it could be associated with hairballs due to fur loss.

I have a page about cats in heat which you may find of further interest.


Also can i urge you to consider having her spayed. There are other health benefits with having them spayed other than not getting pregnant. I have added a page with more information about that too here.

best wishes kate

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