My Cat is being sick most days.

by Steve
(Surrey UK)

Hi, I have a Birman Bluepoint now aged 12. He was diagnosed with Kidney failure about 6 months ago and is on daily medication. At one point he was very thin and looked so ill that we thought his time had come. However since having his medication and additional steroid injections he has put on a lot of weight, looks a lot healthier and is quite happy.

My issue is that he is still being sick every day, (this was the original the issue we visited the vet for prior to diagnosis)and our vet maintains on every visit that this is due to the Kidney failure. I am now not so sure and I will try to explain why. Basically ten minutes or so prior to vomitting he makes a "crunching" noise, very much like he always has when bringing up furbals but obviously on a much more frequent basis. When he is sick it varies between nothing more than a bit of liquid to small furbals to recenly eaten food but mainly just liquid.

I have tried various things including catalax, iams hairball treatment, I have changed his diet etc. He has always been a fussy eater but now tends to eat Tuna, wet food and drinks goats milk (which I believe is why his weight has increased). He no longer eats any dry food at all, just won`t touch it.

At a complete
loss now, I know the kidney failure would cause vomitting but feel it is more hairball related because of this crunching. His coat has also become incredibly matted of late and I am struggling to cope with it.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated



I am wondering if the goats milk is an issue here too. Cats can;t digest lactose and so cows milk and goats milk are not really the thing to give them. there is a cat milk alternative which is lactose free.

It does rather sound like furballs to me especially if you say his coat is getting matted which means that he will be ingesting lots of fur when he tries to groom himself.

It may be an idea to have him professionally groomed to get rid of the matts and reduce loose fur then for you to brush him at least three times a week after that to reduce loose fur which can then be digested.

The fur ball remedies should help and the vomiting is a normal reaction to the cat trying to get them up, it can take some time and the secret is to prevent further fur balls occurring. this could be why your cat constantly is vomiting.

once his coat is sorted out and he can get rid of the current fur balls then hopefully the vomiting will stop.

best wishes KAte

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My cat is being sick most days
by: Sherie

I would add to Kate's excellent advice that your cat could also have asthma. We had a similar issue with our cat. After an x-ray and blood work the diagnosis was asthma. He too was not grooming himself either. I started to comb him each day. The advice I from our vet was to give him hairball medication once a day. You can buy it at a local pet store. We bought a good brand. Our cat also got a steroid shot. He will have to get a shot every 6 months to once a year. The vet's advice has worked for our cat. Our vet also mentioned we could set some vaseline out. It would work well too but our cat would not go for the vaseline. The hairball medicine at the Pet Store is flavored. Some cats love the medicine. We put the hairball medication on top of one of his front paws. They don't like this mess on them and will lick it off. For cats who like the taste you can put it on your hand or finger and they will lick it off. Good luck!

purina ev
by: Anonymous

hi my cat was very ill and we gave him purina we ev which you can buy online at petfood direct. there may be another food you can call purina's 800 number and the food they offered was infinately better than science diet and y cat quit vomiing and had no diarreha

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