My cat is being weird

by Stacey Cassidy

Hey , Recently my cat has been really weird ever since he came back from the vet 2 days ago , he was at the vet because he swallowed a wasp and his throat all puffed up , so the vet gave him a jab then he was fine , but ever since that happened he has being running away into weird places , like on the floor sleeping when he usually sleeps on the couch or the chair's in the kitchen , and he has been running away all the time for no reason in the house , please give me some advice , thanks for reading this i hope it gave you enough details bye!

Answer by Kate
Hi often the experience of going to the vets can be upsetting for some cats and it can make them feel a little odd and insecure for awhile afterwards. he may also still be feeling some of the affects of the wasp sting and this too would make him a little skittish.

I wouldn't worry too much at this stage, as long as he is eating and drinking etc and appears to be healthy, i would just give him some time and space to get over the whole experience.

If he is still behaving oddly in another few days or so, or if you feel that there are other odd symptoms appearing them perhaps it would be a good idea to check with the vets again.

best wishes kate

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