My cat is biting the fur off of the other cats in our home.

Our youngest cat has started biting small amounts of fur out of our two longer haired cats. We don't know why he is doing this, he just sneaks up on them out of the blue and bites away. Please help. We are not sure what to do and we are at our wits end.

Answer by Kate
ummm this sound strange. He may just be play fighting by sneaking up and biting. But if you say he is actually biting fur out, then it sound slike he was never fully socailised during his forst 7 weeks of life by his mother who would have taught him not to play so rough.

All I can suggest is that you give him some time out on his own for a while, seperate from the other cats (who will probably be gratefull as well) Then after a few days reintroduce the other cats again ( see this page

The other thing you can try i the loud noise deterant. When your cat does this behavior make a loud band sound, something that will stop him in his tracks. If this is done every time he tries to bite he will soon decide that he would prefer not bite and be firghtened by the loud noise.

best wishes Kate

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kittens pullng fur from each other
by: Cherilyn

I Have three 5 week kittens that I am fostering. They were found in urine and faeces and nearly died, They were approx 2-4 days old. Their legs were burnt from the urine and their fur keep falling out all over. I would change their pale coloured blankets hourly and could see they were totally covered in lumps of fur after this short period of time. This went on for a further 2 weeks. I took them to the vets straight away and I have managed to get their legs to heal bathing them each day in a vet prescribed shampoo, antibiotics and extra supplements to their kitten milk, but as their fur is recovering the kittens have all started biting and pulling each others fur out, along their backs, around their neck and down their bibs. These kittens fight hard and get quite nasty with each other at times. I have tried separating them but when apart from each other they don't stop howling. They love their cuddles with me and seem to be always purring outside of their play type fights. Any ideas on how to stop this behaviour?

I have a mother and daughter pair of cats
by: Rachel

I have a mother and daughter pair of cats. The day Melanie my two year old cat gave birth to her daughter everything was fine. They would play together, eat, sleep and cuddle. They are both fixed but just last night I went to bed and I swear both cats had all their fur in tact. I wake up this morning and Rogue my one year old has a bald spot on her cheek. Which wasn't there beforehand and I looked at Melanie her mother who goes running into the other room like she's the one who did it. I'm worried that Melanie is starting to rip out fur of Rogue and I have no clue how to stop it before it gets worse.

My cat is weird
by: Anonymous

My male cat has bitten my female cat in the butt a few times now. He starts my rubbing his head against her and then he just bites right on her ass. My female cat freaks out and screams and runs away. Ever since he started doing this my female won't let me touch her. She use to be so cuddly. I don't know what to do.

Pulling hair
by: Cheryl

My cat pulls hair when my other cat is asleep and obviously it freaks him out. He’s not playing. He runs after he does it because he knows he’s not supposed to do that. I use a squirt gun to dissuade him.

by: Anonymous

my younger male (fixed at 8 mths) gets groomed by the older female also fixed but he plucks her fur out too, sometimes just if she happens to be close by for no reason i can understand...anyone have any ideas why he does it, she never makes much of a fuss about it

older cat pulling out fur of younger cat during play
by: Anonymous

My 3 yr old male likes playing with his friend 9 months old rag doll. but when it gets a little rough they hug and cling on to each others necks. It's only the rag doll's fur i see around the house and even though he has significantly lost his mane, he still insists on playing and doesnt get affected by the hair pulling. The rag doll is more open and affectionate but the older cat is a bit more jumpy and anxious. What can I do to stop this? I separate them when i see it getting rougher and at night when I cant supervise them. I'm afraid the ragdoll's fur would not grow back after such excessive pulling [3 months of yanking fur out around the neck] Anyone have any solutions?

Cats pulling Hair
by: Anonymous

I have two four year old cats I picked up at a shelter when they were 5 months old. They love each other like crazy. However,one of them has started pulling out the hair of the other one..
He started doing that about a year ago. Every day I have to vacuum up orange hair. I don't know what to do but when he looks like he is about to do it, I threaten to squirt him with a small squirt gun and he runs but he still pulls the hair whenever I'm not looking or home.

My older male cat and young female kitten
by: Anonymous

We have a male adult (who is fixed). He is constantly grooming out young female kitten. For the most part they play together, eat together and even sleep together. But a lot of times when he's bathing her he'll bite and pull fur from her. I don't know if he is just trying to get her to stay still or not. ( she is a very fussy kitten who wants everything her way lol) I'm not sure if I should intervene or not.

My cat is biting the fur off my kitten
by: Anonymous

Hi My older cat has also taken a bald spot out of my kittens neck as my kitten is always wanting to play fight with her so I've tried to make a noise when she does so and she runs off

My older cat is doing this to new kitten
by: Anonymous

I took in a sweet little kitten about 5 months ago. My older cat who cannot meow, is so annoyed by the young playful kitten she is a constant state of growl. Finally, I thought they were starting to play together but when I looked closer I noticed that the older cat is pulling out hair all around the neck and head of the younger one who now has a bunch of round bald spots. The younger one never yips or cries when this happens, she just lays there and takes it and is very respectful towards the older cat. Being in the house this long together and not out-right fighting, I'm not sure what to do. But the sight of the bald spots is very alarming.

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