my cat is bleeding after possible mating.

by angelique reytebach

hello my cat sparkles is around a year old ive had her since she was six weeks....she is a very loving female cat and only ever goes in back garden..she went missing for 2 nights and im 100 per cent sure she was in heat she came home after 2 nights very dirty shocked and distressed...not wanting to eat i noticed blood and discharge around her behind and bathed her and wrapped her in blankets...also her back around the tail area seems very swollen and seems painful to u think it down to mating with toms or should i take her vets she has never mated before.she only came back this morning and about 1 hour ago she started eating and drinking im so worried im a single parent who does not drive and live in a secluded area but if u think its something more serious than just being ruffly mated i will get her to vets.....thank u very much

yes it could well be down to mating as this can be a very painful and aggressive process for a cat.

Clean the area with warm water if you can and just let her rest for a day or so and keep an eye i#on the area to see if it gets worse or starts to calm down.

if you see any puss or the swelling remains for more than 24 hours then it is worth having her checked in case there is an infection.

please consider having your female cat spayed. It really is the best thing for her, both health wise and contentment wise. i can't begin to tell you all the benefits and arguments for. So i have written many pages about it on my site. the operation is relatively cheap in comparison with the cost of feeding and health care of a litter. Also you may be entitled to help with the cost if not free as there are many cat organizations promoting spaying.

Here is my first page about spaying and neutering for further information

best wishes kate

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Cat breeding
by: Anonymous

Hi my cat has just gone to a stud cat for breeding she's come back and everything is fine but there a couple of drops of blood in the urine is this normal

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