My cat is eating and drinking furiously but is not pooping or peeing and is lethargic and oversleeping.

by Lily

I am so concerned :( Please help!

My cat has loss of balance mostly in hind legs, he's hiding in a dark place, he is drinking furiously and when I feed him he acts as if he hasn't eaten in days! I am so worried. He has spent the whole day sleeping on and off , WAY more than the usual. He is acting nervous and suddenly dozes off to sleep again. He seems tired/excessively sleepy, but when I wake him up to feed him he wakes up alert stumbles and goes to eat the food. He is totally off wack.... Also his eyes wander slightly and are glossy.

and I'm worried since he hasn't gone to the bathroom all day even though hes eaten and drunken two days worth of food and water. I placed him in the litter and held him since he was disoriented and he started scratching as if he were getting ready to poop/pee and he even got into position and I got happy for a moment but he kind of made a confused sound and got out of the litter, he didn't pee or poo at all! I was feeling his bladder and it is about to pop. It is firm and round. Feels like a balloon. He is dozing on and off and I need some advise.

So the main signs are:

1.slight loss of balance & disoriented
3.eating / drinking excessively
4.not able to pee or poop

What can it be?!!!?:(

I'd appreciated any help. Thank you.

Answer by Kate
Please take your cat to see the vet as soon as possible. These sysmptoms are serious and could get much worse if not treated soon.

As to what it could be well it is impossible to say for sure as there are several conditions which could cause this and the only way to know for sure is for a vet to do some tests. I even think he may have several different problems perhaps one because of the other.

If he cannot pass water then this is very serious indeed and as I say you must get him to the vets as soon as possible.

I hope he is ok again soon, but please do not delay. Early treatment is the key.

best wishes Kate

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CAT is sick please help
by: Anonymous

this is happening to my cat too right now please can you tell me the best thing to do he is finding it difficult to poo and pee he strains in the litter tray but hardly anything come out he hasnt pooped in 4 days now we took him to the vet and they did a surgery because apparently he has a urinary infection but its been 2 days and it has not got better at all I am so worried about my cat and he seems very weak and fragile and also feels very helpless when he gets into the litter tray

Is he ok?
by: Anonymous

Did you find out what was wrong with him? I hope he is all right.

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