my cat is fixed can she still get pregnant?

by Jesi Garcia

I'm Even 2 Big 4 The Human Toilet....

I'm Even 2 Big 4 The Human Toilet....

my cat got pregnant over a year ago and had 7 kittens and now i had got her fixed about 3 months ago and about 2 months ago my kids let her out side and we have a stray male that wonders around her could she be pregnant? oh yeah by the way shes acting the same way as she did when she was pregnant and shes getting really fat.... thanks Jesi G....

Answer by Kate
If she was spayed at the vets she would have no ability to get pregnant as the surgery involves removing ovaries etc. So no she can;t be pregnant. however she does look rather fat and I am wondering if she may have another medical condition that may or may not be associated with her recent operation. if i were you i would definitely take her to the vets for a checkup to be on the safe side.

best wishes kate

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whats wrong with her
by: Anonymous

my cat has been acting weird. her belly is sagging and her back is curved. when she walks her legs arent straight. she sleeping more, and whenever i touch her shoulder she gets out her claws and pushes my hand away. and she purrs, i doesnt seem abnormal but for her it is. my grandma brought up she might be pregnant but she got fixed. whats wrong with her?

Answer by KAte
Sounds to me like she may have either a injury or has arthritis or something similar. She really does need to see a vet as she is obviously in some discomfort. purring can also be a sign of fear as well.

i hope the vet can help her soon

best wishes Kate

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