My Cat is haveing pain in her ankle

by Barbara


I recently came home from school and one of my three cats sat in front of the door, she wasn't as happy as she use to be when I come home, she usually meets me up 50 meters in front and just go besides me and purr .
But today she wasn't, she looked a bit more "fluffy" then she used to and her fur didn't look so well taken cared off.
I opened the door and I said "come here kitty", it took her around 10 minutes to stand up and walk in to the sofa, she tried to jump onto the sofa but failed once and fell down, the last try she came up.
She had slept there for aprox 6 hours until my dad finally come home from work, but it was just a 15 min break and he had to eat something. I told dad that there was something wrong with the cat, we poked the cat gently with my finger on our ankle/hip/leg (The legs at the back) and she cried out in pain and got mad. My dad said "no wonder why she was so mad this morning when I held her".

He didn't have time though and take her to the vet.

Later on the night my mom came home and then my cat turned normal, she jumped around, pured, but yet everytime you tried to gently touch her, she cried out in pain, but that's only if you touch her from the stomach down.

We've never had these kind of problems before, she also eats as she should.

It's a labour cat and a 1 year old female.

Can you help me? It's not like she's haveing the leg in the air to prevent anything touching it, she walks normal but has pain.

Answer by Kate
Hi Barbara
Even though your cat doesn't seem to be in too much distress it is still important that your mum and dad do take her to the vets as soon as possible so that a proper diagnosis can be made.

if there is a small break or fracture or even a twisted muscle if it heals badly it could cause the cat pain for the rest of her life.

it is better to be safe than sorry and at the very least the vet can give her some pain relief if he feels she needs it.

i hope she is better soon

best wishes Kate

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