My cat is insane

by Karen
(Halifax, NS, Canada)

I have a male cat, he's about a year old and he is not neutered. Other than being hyperactive and spraying all over the place, he's always been a good-natured cat. However, a few days ago I came home to find my cat hissing and growling at me in a way I've never heard before.

Normally, when I approach my cat angrily he runs from me. But ever since this started, it has been more of a challenge. He is not afraid, he wants to fight.
I had no idea what his problem was so I tried to use a broom to push him into the spare bedroom so I could close the door. He ran from me, jumped up into the kitchen window and climbed up the glass on the inside so he was kind of sandwiched in between the two window panes. Once he was inside I shut the window to trap him in there until my boyfriend came home to help me.
We took him to the emergency veterinary clinic that night because we could not handle him, we thought something was terribly wrong with him. The vet said she couldn't find anything abnormal with him and sent us home. The cat is still acting the same way.
The worst part is, during his "freak out" he pees and poops all over his self. I'm not sure if it's because he's afraid that we're coming after him or if it's related to his aggression in some way; but it gets very messy.
I'm at a complete loss for what's going on. I've owned plenty of cats but this is the first time I've had a male. I think maybe it's
because he's not neutered, I feel as though he's challenging us as if we were other cats. Also, I noticed when he was on his back, I could see his boy parts and it looked as if his butt hole was really red and enlarged. Maybe it wasn't his butt hole but that's what it appeared to be. I know it wasn't his penis, so I'm not sure if that's of any significance or not. Please help me, I don't want to have to get rid of this cat if it can be fixed by getting him spayed or neutered but I can't deal with the aggression.

Answer by Kate
well i think you may have answered your own question here. basically you have a young male cat full of hormones and energy who may be feeling frustrated and pumped up.

he also sounds like he could be bored too. Chasing, hunting, stalking, attacking etc all naturally behaviors and if he has no outlet for them he has turned them on you as his target.

i really would recommend having him neutered as soon as you can and also to make sure that his hiome environement is made as stimulating as possible to keep him active and entertained.

You may even want to do some bonding with him after his operation to reduce any fear that may have built up between you.

I have some web pages about all of these issues which you may find of interest.

I hope things settle down for all you soon, as it can't be pleasant for either you are the cat if you are living in a strained environment.

best wishes Kate

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