My cat is losing clumps of hair

by Jennifer D.
(Chatham, Ont. Canada)

I have a cat about 5 yrs. old and recently he is developing bald spots on his back. His fur is coming out clumps leaving a bald spot, I know it coming out in clumps because I find his fur on the carpet that way. What could be causing this? I have been in the hospital for 6 weeks, and I'm wondering could stress or lonliness be the cause? I have another cat but, he isn't always in the house as much as the other one so he could be getting lonely.

Answer by Kate
Cats can over groom when they are stressed and often the first signs of this is fur loss.

Your cat may be feeling unsettled due to you not being around or they may even sense your own worry. They can be very sensitive to even small changes.

I would not say that it was loneliness and one of the big mistakes we humans make is to think that the company of another cat would help. This is rarely the case and especially untrue with cats as they are essentially lone animals and not pack animals like dogs.

Hopefully as things return to normal in your home, your cat will settle down again and stop the fur pulling.

If nothing changes over a period of time, get them checked by the vet just to rule out any skin irritation etc.

I do have a web page here under the cat health section about cat skin and fur problems which you may find of interest.

Best wishes Kate

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cat forming scabs in fur and llosing fur in clumps
by: Carrie

December 17, 2009 Older cat 13-14 human years (mostly indoors), is losing fur around tail area in clumps with reddish skin showing in fur loss areas with possible dandruff like flakes at base of fur loss areas. Also, hard, scab like formations on top of fur.

Cannot afford to take cat to the veterinarian, as I am out of work now.

ideas? Please help. Thanks much.

Answer by Kate
It could be a parasite problem or a skin allergy. As you probably know only a vet can properly diagnose. In the mean time please see this page for some more information and help
best wishes Kate

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