My cat is losing fur around neck and is aggressive towards husband

My cat is 4 years old and has always been very healthy however he has recently not wanted to come in the house and as soon as he is in he starts shaking and hides. I have just noticed that he has lost a lot of hair around his neck and is also malting more than usual. He is keeping me up all night crying but as soon as I come downstairs all he wants is a fuss. He keeps trying to hide from my partner and whenever my he tries to comfort my cat just hisses at him

Well it sounds to me like your cat is very anxious about something. i am wondering if something in the house is upsetting him and this is why he does not want to come in.

One possibility and you won't like it is have you checked your cat for fleas?

Fleas can lie dormant in a carpet or floorboards etc for years and only come to life when a cat passes by. it could be that when your cat comes in the house the fleas start to bite him and this is making his anxious. it would also account for the loss of fur around his neck.

if this is the case you will have to treat both the cat and your home. please see these pages for more on how to do this effectively
flea treaments

The other possibility is that your cat is experiencing an allergic reaction to something in the house which is causing him to itch etc and this in turn is making him nervous and jumpy. A frightened cat becomes aggressive. this is a natural reaction.
I also have a page about cat allergies here

Of course your best option would be to take your cat to a vet to have the area around his neck looked at to have the cause properly diagnosed.

i hope you can find th cause soon, it sounds like your cat is very stressed at the moment.

best wishes Kate

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