My cat is making strange sounds

by Amanda
(new jersey in wanaque, united states)

my cat is either 4-6 months old. she is not spayed, but recently she has been meowing, making this weird purring noise, and has been walking very weird, like she is trying to make her butt leveled with her body, i can't afford a vet, and i really want to keep her. she has this strange clear liquid coming out of her butt hole, and keeps licking it. i think she might have her period or is constipated. i don't know what to do, is there any way yo can help me? please

Answer by Kate
unfortunately owning a cat does come with some responsibility and that includes paying out for vet bills etc. It is something you will have to consider if you want to keep your cat and make sure she leads a happy healthy life.

It sounds to me like she could be in heat. At her age it is about the time that this will happen. She really does need to be booked in to be spayed to prevent any more kittens (more problems for you). The liquid could be a mild infection too and again the only way for this to be treated is with antibiotics, but hopefully it is just to do with her first heat.

I have several pages about the benefits of spaying etc, it will also help to keep your cat healthy and lead a more contented life. Here is the first page which you may find of further interest

Also you could ask your vet if there are any schemes in your area for cheap spaying etc. Often animal charities do this to help keep the population down etc.

best wishes Kate

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Help with spaying
by: Anonymous

Hi Amanda,
Yes, it sounds like your cat is in heat, which means she's probably closer to 6 months than 4.

Here in Ga, and several other southern states we have a program called Project CatSnip. It is a mobile unit that goes from city to city once a month. You have to register and then confirm your appointment just days before, but they are exceptionally reasonable - $50 for rabies shot, a spay, and pain meds.

I googled it for you, and Project CatSnip referred me to these two places in NJ. If they are not nearby, perhaps they can help you further.

Animal Welfare Association
Voorhees NJ
Low cost s/n for ferals and pets.

People for Animals
Hillside, NJ

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