My cat is not acting like herself

by Olivia
(Jesup, GA)

Misty our cat

Misty our cat

We have a female cat, Misty, who is about a year old. A few weeks ago we got a kitten, Luna, also a female, but she is 2 months old. They do not get along at all. We try to train them to like each other but it always ends with Misty attacking Luna. Luna is acting normal just always sad and insecure around Misty.

Misty is always growling and has started acting strange. Her usual loud, obnoxious meow has deepened and sounds rough like she is in pain. Her meow is low and gets lower and rougher as the meow continues. She does not meow as much as she usually does. Her pupils are always dilated and disturbing looking. She is always tense and stares at nothing, intently. She is still eating and drinking normally.

Do you know what is wrong with her? Should we worry and take her to the vet?

This is difficult one to call. her symptoms may be due to her feeling anxious about the kitten, however in could be a coincidence and she is unwell.

You say you tried to introduce the cats to each other at the beginning. i don't know how you did this but you could try again. here is the process i have on my site

If it were me and i felt that her growl or meow was different of more frequent than normal it could be worth taking her to see a vet to rule out any possible under lying illness.

It is due to anxiety due to the new kitten you could try some of those calming sprays design for situations like this. Feliway is one such spray, there are other options on this page also


best wishes kate

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