My cat is playful one day and then glum

by leina

my cat plays and play and plays but then the next day he's so glum and sad why's he acting like this it's happened before but whats rong why's he acting like this

Answer by Kate
Cats have moods just like we do, so one day we might be feeling up and the next we just want to be left alone in peace.

i have had cats for years and i have seen their mood change frequently, often having days where they are active all day to others where they sleep for very long hours.

As long as your cat is eating ok , doesn't appear to be in pain of discomfort then i would just put these down as mood swings.

If you are at all concerned for the health of your cat at any time your best option is to double check with your vet as cats can be very good at covering up illness.

best wishes Kate

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Happy one day, glum the next
by: Anonymous

I was seeing this pattern in my aging cat (15 yrs). I was worried that it related to her kidney disease (giving her subcutaneous fluids every day).

I spoke with my veterinarian about it and he said, "Since the tests all came back fine for her (at least, as well as we can expect for the condition she has), I think that the problem is that if she's playing a lot on one day, and then kind of downcast/glum the next, perhaps she overdoes it on one day, and is kind of sore after she awakens the next day. Have you ever exercised a lot and then awakened the next day with aches and pains? I think that's what is going on with her. If she continues to be glum/depressed for a few days, we'll re-evaluate her."

After a couple of repeats of this two-day cycle, I think he's right.

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