My cat is scared

by Jessica

from left to right: Pancho, Shamrock, and Nikko the cat in question :)

from left to right: Pancho, Shamrock, and Nikko the cat in question :)


I am having some trouble with my male 5 year old manx cat. He has become very clingy. Not to me so much, but my things. At night when we put him to bed, he cries and paws at the door until someone lets him out, only to do the same thing against my door once he's free. He sleeps and hangs out in my closet all day. When I am not at home and my door is shut, so I come home to find him in my bathtub. Also, he just cries. I don't think he's in pain. He's eating good and looks strong and healthy. He just looks at me and meows. I try and sooth him with love, but I am getting worried.

This behavior wouldn't concern me so much, if it wasn't a new development. He used to be playful and spend lots of time with the other two cats. Now it seems as though they have drifted apart. I don't see any bloody marks or scratches on them, so I am not sure of the reason for their fighting. My manx only wants to be around me now.



Answer by Kate
My first reaction is, if he has not seen a vet for a little while it may be a good idea to have him checked over just in case their is an underlining illness. Often sudden behavioural changes can be the first signs of some illness. At the very least it will help to put yopur mind at rest about his over all health.

My next thought is there must be some new tensions in the household which have possible caused him to feel a little insecure and in need of your company. it could well be that while
your out the other cats or cat is starting to try to dominante the feline pack, this is not unusual as there is always some pecking order.

I am assuming all your cats are neutered as this would be a sorce of aggression and territorial fighting.

It may well be that this cat has developed seperation anxiety (see here for more info on this

it may just be a period of readjustment in the feline hiarchy which should settle down after a while but it is important the this cat is made to feel secure and happy in the home without the need to be near you etc. So lots of distractions and perhaps some new toys etc would help to distract him from his current behaviour

Unfortunately this sudden change in behaviour is difficult to diagnose without knowing the cause and finding the cause is often impossible. but be assured something must have changes for him to react this way whether it be for health reasons or changes in relationships with the other cats.

The only other thing I can suggest regarding the cat fights is that there may have built up an element of fear with the other cats for some reason, this can occur from time to time and the best way to try and re build this confidence is a short period away from them (in a separate room for a few days) and then a slow re introduction again to them and the rest of the house hold

I hope I have given you lots to think about and am sorry that there isn't one definite answer to this sort of issue. It is usually a case of trial and error in trying to restore the peace etc.

best wishes Kate

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