My cat is sick after eaing

by Todd Burse
(Woodhaven, NY)

my sweetie missy

my sweetie missy

i have a sweet long haired orange female tabby about four years old.

but at least once a week she pukes on my livingroom area rug.
as far as we can tell shes not sick, and she's been to the vet with no
cause as to why she's puking. i'ts not hair balls it's only after she eats.
and i wonder if there is any way to stop her from doing it on my carpet?
she runs from the kitchen right to the rug and pukes. it's almost as if it's
more comfortable for her to do it on the livingroom rug. we wish she would
just go on the tiles in the kitchen or even the hard wood floors.
i love this cat with all my hart! nomatter what she'll be with us forever,
i just wish i could help her and my rugs.

Thanks Mr Todd Burse

Answer by KAte

have you tried feeding your cat smaller amounts of food but more often?

My cat used to do this a lot and we discovered it was because she was gulping down too much food at once.

Best wishes Kate

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