My cat is sick and may be dying!

by Demi Harris

Okay, my cat use to be a house cat,but when it discover the outdoors it didn't like to be inside as much.He only meow at the door if he wanna come in to eat sometimes I may go days without seeing my cat,but he eventually shows back up in the garage so we keep it crack for it. Recently like 3days ago my cat was drolling by the mouth but it's thick and just hangs there.We cleans it up when it continues. He haven't been a playful mood so we warm milk and he drinks it butwhen I put more milk down the second day. He knocks it down and won't eat he would just sleep by the food and today he got into the tub and just went to sleep and went back by the bowl etc. I took him a bath today cause he was smelling like pee and had mud all over him. And normal cats would shake the water of but he did he just lay there( I was about to cry) So I put him in his little bed and he just laying how I left him and never shook the water off yet. {He haven't been drolling heavy anymore} So what should I don't is he about to die our is this just a minor thing.I need help fast

Answer by KAte
Demi, Please take your cat to the vets as soon as possible. It sounds to me like he may have eaten something perhaps poisonous or at least something which may have caused burns in the mouth.

The other possibilities is that he may have a bad tooth which has now become infected if this is the case he will still need to see the vet about this urgently as it is probably very painful and making it difficult to eat.

Either way Demi, your cat need to be seen by a vet as soon as possible. Please do not delay.

best wishes Kate

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