My Cat is spraying and licking butt

by Caitlin

Hi my cat has just started acting up in the past few months. She was spayed but the vets only found one ovary, as of now though she gets into excessive heat where she meows (yells) constantly. She also began spraying on the couches as well as running out of the apartment (she is an inside cat) while she was out she was out and about with another black cat (unknown to me)for hours and finally returned with no collar (i know this is mention is not necessary it's just she is my first cat and she is scaring me.

Thanks much! I appreciate your help.

Regards, Caitlin.

This is definitely not normal. if the vet spayed her she should not longer go into heat. So if her behavior still indicates that she is then the vet needs to take another look. She may have hormone issues which is causing her behavior or she may have another ovary which is producing these hormones.

Although spraying is normally more of a male thing to do female cats also do this too for territory marking. So the other possibility is that your cat is feeling anxious about something and feels the need to mark her territory. this could be another cat in the area or changes in the home. or even anxiety caused by not feeling well or irritated by something such as fleas etc. this may also explain her licking her behind area.

Make sure you have treated her for fleas and worms which may be part of the cause.



I think your best option is to speak to your vet first to rule out any possible physical problems which may be causing this. then if she gets the all clear you will know thats its behavioral. In which case this page on my site may be of help.

best wishes kate

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