My cat is straining to pass urine

by robyn

hi recently my cat has been in the weeing position but nothing coming out, except some gunky stuff with blood in it and so i pull it out of her vagina and sometimes it is quite big, she doesn't seem to be in pain, she hasn't been on heat yet but her sister has, they are both 7 months old, i rang the vet up and she said not to bring her in unless she is in pain but she is eating, drinking and playing fine except when she is trying to wee. i went to my pet shop and got some catberry treats because the shop owner said it is good for cat stastitous and some herbal antibiotics and it cleared up for a fey days after giving her regular treatments of the medicine then i stopped and it has come back. ive been reading up and some people have said it could be pymotres or something along the lines of that?

shall i get her spayed? will it help i dont know what is? thank you

Answer by KAte
Well having your cats spayed is a good idea anyway as it is kinder to the cat and also has health benefits as well as of course preventing any accidental pregnancies. So if i were you i would go ahead and do that anyway.

As for the straining, if she has not passed urine properly then i would definitely recommend that you take her to the vets as soon as possible anyway ans urine infections can be quite nasty.

It may be coincidental that she has a urine infection at the same time her first heat or the blood may also be an indication of an internal infection.

If in were you and if the symptoms have persisted for a few days i would want to take her to the vets anyway. Sometimes cats are very good at covering up pain and discomfort.

i hope she is better soon

best wishes Kate

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