My cat is suddenly hissing at me and her sister.

One of my black cats

One of my black cats

We have two cats one of which got hit by a car and needed to be nursed back to health in a cage for three months, up until which they both got on (being sisters) I would say they are probably the most placid cats iv'e ever had, but just lately the healthy cat has discovered it can hiss and does so at every opportunity hissing at her now weaker sister which I can understand but she hisses even if I move her off the sofa or even just for a cuddle but she doesn't seem to attack just hisses and growls which is then closely followed by purring! very strange, just wondered if you have ever come across this before?

many thanks

Dan Lind

Umm At first I thought this may be a case of what is known as aggression trauma which is when one cat becomes anxious over something and take s it out on another cat or person regardless of the cause.
However the fact that she is also doing it when you pick her up and is also growling which is followed by purring makes me wonder if she is in some discomfort or pain.
Purring is also used by a cat to comfort themselves and often cats who have been knocked over can be found laying in the road purring. Confusing for us mere humans, but is something to remember when a cat may be ill.
Unfortunately there is no way for me to say whether this is the case or not and if so what the cause could be. The only way for you to be sure is to take her to be checked over by a vet.

Often the first signs of cat illness is a change in behaviour and so any sudden and out of character changes should be taken seriously and looked into just in case there is something wrong.

I hope your cat is ok but as i say it may be worth having this looked into.

Best wishes kate

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