My cat is throwing up constantly...

by Kristina

Well my cat is a 7 1/2 almost 8 year old calico cat. She throws up at least once every 2 days or maybe even twice. I feed her the hairball purina dry catfood and she throws that up. Her vomit is chunky like she swallowed the knibblets whole. I also tried some organic canned food, friskies and a few other wet foods but she is still throwing up. She seems to be losing soo much weight and she probably only weighs about 4-5 pounds. Last night after i tried another wet food she puked that up too but this time it was like a dark brown and watery. She wasn't acting weird before this time she threw up and any other time before this but after she threw up the bile she started acting weird like she was ashamed that she threw up. She crawled under my bed and went to sleep. Please let me know if you have any information or any advice! I really need it. I love my cat and Id hate to see anything happen to my baby..

thanks a bunch

Comment by Kate
if i was you i would take your cat to see a vet as soon as possible. I really don't like the fact that she is not only vomiting but also losing weight. It could be many things which could be treated successfully by a vet but if your cat keeps on losing weight like she is then i fear the worse. Our cat Little mo lost a lot of weight and it turned out to be a thyroid problem, she was treated and is absolutely fine now.
best wishes

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Cat throwing up food.
by: Anonymous

I have a 9 year old simease cat, he is a house cat and for the past couple months he throws up all the food that he digested, he has lost a lot of weight and he is constantly crying, I took him to the Vet and they advised to change his food, I did and it seems like it's not working. I love my cat so much and I don't know what to do for him. any suggestion?

by: Anonymous

thank you so much Kate, I made an appointment with the vet for weds :o) I was thinking it was a thyroid problem myself. I hope its nothing major. xoxo

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