my cat is very sick

(lawsonville n.c)

my cat had kittens a week ago.she let her kittens die.lastnight she started vomiting started out like an orange color.this morning it was a reddish color then it was a milky color now its clear.she hasnt been eating or drinkung.all she does is lays around.she was fine yesterday now she is hurts her if i pick her up.she moans and hisses a little.her eyes arent glazed over or anything.i took her outside and all she did was sit there....i am hoping someone can help me.i dont want to loose her and i dont have the money to take her to the vet for i am out of a job.please help me

Answer by KAte
PLease try and get some medical help for her, there must be an animal charity near you that may be able to help with vet care on a budget etc.

She sounds like she may be ill and her kittems may even have died because of this illness. She needs peoper medical diagnosis and care.

If money is tight there are always animla charities around that can help. please telephone your local vet and ask them if they know of any charities in your area that can help with costs.

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My mama is sick.
by: Anonymous

My Mama cat is sick. She had 4 babies a week s ago. I Found 2 of them dead. I took them out.Now she is throwing up. And really don't want nothing to do with the other.But she is still getting in with them and nursing. Did i take them to soon.whats re
Wrong please help.

My cat is very sick
by: Mary in NC

Im also in NC and work with rescue alot.
Have you noticed if your cat appears to still have a large or distended belly?

How many kittens did she have?

Did she feed them and attend to them normally until yesterday?

How long after the kittens was born did she show symptoms of illness?

Did ALL the kittens die the same day?

Did you notice she was nursing them frequently?

She may have not delivered ALL the unborn kittens which is very painful and fatal if not found and handled by a vet.
If you need help finding a charity group to help you please email me.

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