My Cat Is Vomiting and peeing in my bed,cloths,and my paernts, things

by Alexander Bourgeouis
(Two Harbors, Minnesota)

MY cat is about 3yrs old and she has alawys been a nice cat but now she seems that she wants us to touch her but when we do she backs away why? Also we think she is anerexsic because no matter what she throws up after she eats please answer my question before we have to give her away my mom and dad say by next tusday is is going please help me!

Answer by Kate
If a cat throws up after eating it could be that she has hairball in the throat or perhaps even some other blockage. Cats don't do these things on purpose it will always be because they are ill in some way.

You must get her checked out by a vet to see if their is a problem in the throat. As a cat owner it is your responsibility to provide medical care and if you cannot afford that or unwiling to do that then the kindest thing is to givbe the cat to someone who can. this may sound harsh but it is important and as a kind loving human being I'm sure you want to give your cat a healthy happy life.

She may be backing away because she is feeling unwell and a little unsure of things, just as we get grumpy when we are ill.

i do hope you can get her to a vets soon

best wishes Kate

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acting out kitty
by: Anonymous

I have a similar problem with my cat and I have taken her into the vet and paid for x rays and all of that and nothing. Nothing can be found. I have seen her throw up or make the sounds like she is going to on purpose. If I wake up 30 mins late one morning, she gets upset, will start making the sounds of throwing up until I wake up and feed her. She stops right away as soon as I am heading towards her bowl. She does the same thing at night.

She then started eating to fast and would actually throw up. At this point I started giving her a tiny bit at a time and allow her to swallow before giving her more. She also at one point was being given people food, which when I found out, I put a stop to it. However, she now begs all the time and acts like she is starving. She is actually a few pounds over weight.

I also have tried the hairball remedies suggested by the vet and that has not helped at all. I am now at my wits end and have not idea what I should do. She is acting out and I just don't know how to break this habit she has gotten into. She also is 10 years old.

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