My cat keeps calling

by Julie
(Ireland, Co.Dongal)

Leelee sleeping

Leelee sleeping

I have my cat since he was a kitten. He is 3 years old now and is called leo. He is a spoilt boy and is completely loved on. He has plenty of people to play with if i am not there and other various animals from neighbours. He is fit and healthy but lately he has started this big sorrowful cry for absolutely no reason. It is really irritating. I have tried ignoring him till he stops and give him what he wants but it is not working. The cry is like a baby crying. Could you please help cause it is driving me mad. I have to admit when I am tired after a 12 hour night shift I do shout at him but I do not like to do it I feel so guilty after it and give him loads of attention which isnt helping either. Could you plas help me to stop the xcssive crying and how to punish him when he is naughty rather than shouting at him. Thank you julie

Answer by Kate
Firstly if he is not neutered then I would say that the calling is his calling for a mate and is completely normal. So if he is not neutered this would be the first thing to do.

A page about the different cat calls of cats

if he is neutered then it could be because he wants to go outside. night time is the normal time for cats to be active, hunting etc and often they will call as part of this. Often the scent of other cats outside or other animals will encourage this at night. Your options in this case is either to let him out (this depends on where you live and if it is safe for him to do so at night) or to try and make his night time routine stimulating enough so that he does not feel the need to go outside. i.e play a vigorous running around game with him about 45 minutes before bedtime, followed by a meal and then to keep him in a room where he will be comfortable and have lots of new toys, things to climb to keep him occupied at night.
A page about how to keep cats stimulated inside.

As for discipline please read my page about his here

he looks like a very happy and contented cat to me from this photo :)

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