my cat keeps messing on the floor

by Anne

Ive moved back to the UK about 2 months ago from france with my cat. At my old house my cat always used to go outside to mess, she wouldnt go in a litter tray unless she had to. when i moved i kept her in for a little while with a litter tray until she got used to her new house. It took her a few weeks to get the courage to venture outside but now she's quite eager to go out. I cant seem to get her to stop using the litter tray though. Ive even tried taking it away completely to encourage her to go outside, but now she just poops on the floor instead, and she does it at night so i cant intervene. She seems to go for a pee outside, but not a poop.

Any advice?

sounds to me like she may be anxious about something outside which is not surprising as she won't have established her own territory yet in her new home.

I would give it some more time with the litter tray. Also when you feed her in the morning see if you can put her outside straight away as after eating is when they usually want to go and this new routine of going out at this time may help her to start to go outside.

I have had this happen with my cats too in the past and usually when a new cats comes to the area which makes them feel nervous and so not able to feel secure when they are going. this is normally short lived once they regain their territory and confidence.

best wishes kate

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