my cat kitty is so thin

by iffat
(ws1 4lr)

my cat is 8 months and she had kittens a month ago since the las two weeks she is eating alot she has lost so much weight and has gone really boney and skinny i want to know wot cud be wrong wid her

Poor little girl, so young herself and already had kittens. Basically your cat may be under norished due to all the strain on her body from giving birth and then having to feed them.

this is one of the dangers of letting a very young cat have a litter, they simply are not always strong enough.

You need to take your cat and her kittens to see a vet. he will check them all over and make recommendations as to how to help them through this period, perhaps supplements or a richer food). If the mother is thin than the kittens too may not be getting enough nutrition too. Also have you made sure they are all flea free as this little parasites can be very dangerous to young cats.

Once the kittens are weaned at around 8 to 12 weeks you will be able to have the mother cat spayed to prevent any further pregnancies. And then if you keep the kittens they will need spaying / neutering at around month 5.

best wishes kate

follow up question
she isnt boney from ny place xcept her bottom and back part she eats 4-5 pouches of felix and dried food. her kittens are healthy and chubby. so feeding her more nutrient food will make fat again? i am really concerned about her

Reply from Kate
Well it sounds like she is eating plenty of food so it may suggest there could be another health problem which means that she can't convert the food she eats into fat or muscle. If this is the case and you are really concerned about your cat, then the only answer is for you to take her to a vet so that she can be properly examined and perhaps even tests to me carried out ie blood work.

Some times there is simply no other answer than to take your cat to see an expert who not only has the knowledge bit the medicine at his fingertips too.
I hope your cat is better soon


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