My cat licking my head

My cat sleeps with me and she will lick my head all over. I am a guy and have very short hair. Just wondering why that appeals to her. Thank you.

Answer by Kate
Ah who can say really.

I have a ct who won't let us stroke him unless he licks our hands all over.

Generally licking is grooming and so she may be socially grooming you. Cats will do that to each other so why not you too.

best wishes Kate

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by: Anonymous

It could be any number of things! For example if the cat wants something that may be its way of trying too bring that too your attention. But I read somewhere that its also a sign of affective and extreme respect!

Mine does it too
by: Anonymous

I'm a guy and have a female cat that does it too. For years she would only do it occasionally, but recently I stopped putting gel in my hair (cut it short) and now she licks it pretty much every day.

Personally I like the sensation and I know with her it's about showing affection, because we're very close. Also, it's probably good for hair growth - i.e. exfoliation. :)

She does it to my 6yr old son too, but less frequently.

by: Anonymous

Ive read that there are 2 reasons that cats "groom" their owners
1. its a sign of affection
2. A sign of respect that they acknowledge you as dominant
hope this helps :)

by: Ed

Squeaks (she dosent meow she "squeaks) constantly licks my hand, arm, head etc. I beleave this is a sign of affection.
Quick story:I have never owned a cat. Early one morning my girlfriend and I heard a "comotion" on the front pourch. When we opened the door and viewed this b***h next door beating this small, black kitten, with a broom. I quickly put a stop to that brought the kitten in and fed her a can of tuna. I informed Mary Alice (in the South we call our wimmen by thier first and middle names) that the cat had to go. Next morning I woke with Squeaks sleeping under my chin. 11 months and a $300. pet deposit later she is still here. P.S. I occasionally wake to find Squeaks on my chest or partially under my chin. Ed

by: rose w

My cat licks my head in the morning sometimes to wake me up because either she want:
to eat
just for kicks

I've been there
by: Anonymous

One of My three cats does the same thing. I'm a guy that use to have a long pony tail and at that time I didn't mind my friend doing this but this year I cut my hair to a Business style, so it low and close but now .... Ouch, his tongue is really rough. I only have issue when I'm already a sleep and he does his licking but I did notice a connection to feeding times. If I feed them too early in the evening he polishes off the remaining food before midnight and by 5 AM he's looking for a snack, so he would come by to wake me. I don't leave the food out because they would just over eat.

He trained Me: I move the evening feeding time over the course of a few weeks, from 6PM to 8PM.

He still stops in to lick my hair but now it's before or after I go to sleep.

Thank You
by: Mia

When my cat licks me I say "Thank You". I beleive it is a compliment, and a sign of their affection. Lap it up.

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