My cat lost his voice and was just at the vet for neutering.

by Juliet Scalio
(Staunton VA soon Portsmouth, VA)



My cat is under a year old and I recently took him to be nuetered. So, in turn, he is up to date with all his shots but, five days later his "meow" started to fade. It was very crackly and high pitch at first. Now, on the sixth day he has lost his voice (meow) and hacking a bit every so often. I am concerned but I was told by my boyfriend and his mother (of whom I live with) that the tube used during surgery may have scratched his vocals. I on the other hand am a worry wort and have just recently lost my other cat about a month ago. I'm scared but we are moving tomorrow and have already purchased the truck. So, I dont know if I should take him to the vet because then Id be broke for the move but, at the same time I am deathly worried. To explain a bit further, he is hacking and sometimes when he hacks, he salivates clear liquid like hes going to vomit. But, he has not vomited. He had normal bowel movements and eating normally as well as trying to meow. His stats are fine but I felt his throat and there is a bit of hit renosating from his throat. Should I be worried and take him to the Vet? Or, should I was a few days. This has been going on only since yesterday but, I am worried... so please forgive the rant.


PS. My kitten is very sweet and the only time he meows is when he sees my boyfriend and I, or wants to play outside. He doesnt go out often but has a very distinct meow, not loud but distinct. His name is Hobbes. The picture I am providing, he was alseep in my Jacket when I got home from work. Last week before his surgery.

Answer by Kate
I wouldn't worry at the moment it sounds to me like he may just have a slight sore throat more than likely caused by the anesthetic.

As long as he is still eating ok and is fine in himself i would give it a few more days to let him recover.

Or course if more symptoms appear or if he stops eating then of course take him to the vet but I really don't think it is much to worry about at the moment.

cats do get sore throats just like we do from time to time.

Good luck with your move best wishes Kate

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My cat stopped meowing after spayed
by: Anonymous

My cat was spayed over 6 months ago. Since then , she has not meowed at all. She was under anesthesia longer to remove some growth in stomach. Now she never meows. Should I take her back to the vet

Lost miaow
by: Joanne

My cat has lost his miaow 2 months ago after dental surgery. He's fine in himself but hardly any miaow. It was silent for weeks, but he's now starting to get a raspy squeak but only in a morning. Has anyones cat recovered after this length of time? My vet won't admit any responsibility for what has happened and want me to pay for any further treatment. I'm reluctant to take him back after this. They say its uncommon to go completely. I am now realising this so hopeful it will return.

They can't meow.
by: Misty and Ghosty

My cats were spayed at a clinic two months ago, one of them only has a tiny, raspy meow and the other one can not meow at all. I called the clinic one week after they were spayed, and again at 4 weeks. They made a record of it..I've been busy taking care of my mom who is dying, and trying to work at the same time. It's been two months, the kittens are fine, except for their voices...I'm worried, and will deal with this in the next few days, because, now, I'm even more upset and angry over what may have happened.

Having same issue
by: Anonymous

My franky hacks up clear liquid and his meow is going it's been 2 weeks tomorrow sence hes been home. He eats and drinks and played normal but it's got me a little worried did any of this stop with any of your kitties

cat choaking & swallowing frequently after spaying.
by: Anonymous

I am experiencing the same exact thing with my foster who was spayed 3 days ago. The Vet said the tube down her throat after surgery is most likely the cause and should subside in a few days. In the meantime I am giving her blended canned cat food so that it won't irritate her throat as much.

by: Anonymous

Hi, I have had the exact problem with my cat.

She was neurtered last week and her miow went for a few days then came back. Now it seems to be going again and she is is hacking. Nothing is coming up and she is fine in every other way, in fact she looks healthier than ever!

Please let me know what happened with your cat, I am also going to call the vet tomorrow as I am slightly worried.

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