my cat loves to be spanked :-)

by Linda

my cat is really weird, she likes to get down low and have you spank her on top of her butt, just above her tail. We dont spank hard and just do a little love tap, but she loves it. she will come over while we are ignoring her and get in tha stance or if she is not doing anything, we will say "want a spankin?" and she will run over all excited and get in position so you can spank her....hehehe. Then if you stop, she will meow at you to do it again. then while you are spanking her, she puts her head down on the ground. Does anyone know why she would like us to do that....what a goof. :-) gotta love her. hehee

Answer by Kate
I wouldn't call it spanking, that sounds a little er wierd but every cat i have owned has always behaved the same way. Whilst stroking them they often turn around and if you pat them near their behind they lift up slightly. it does look rather rude sometimes but why they like it, i don't think it has ever been discovered, just must feel nice i guess.

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