my cat lucy

by heather
(murrieta, california)

recently went into heat, and our male cat mits has been biting her neck and trying to mate with her. I came home today and where he has bitten her she has missing fur and a raw sore, not bleeding. is this normal? What should I do?she keeps licking and scratching it. any answers would be great. thank you!

Answer by Kate
Unfortunately this can be the case. Cat mating can be rather brutal sometimes.

I don't know what your intentions are regarding kittens etc or whether your male cat is neutered or not. If you are not intending to have kittens then the kindest thing would be to make sure both cats are neutered. this will stop this behaviour in the future.

the problem with the bite on the neck is that it can become infected due to the fact that a cats mouth contains many harmful bacteria (to help them in the wild. Keep it clean and separate the two cats from each other until her season is over etc.

You may also need to get one of those cat collars from the vets to stop your female cat from making it worse by licking it etc. the vet may also want to give her a antibiotic to be on the safe side.

best wishes Kate

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