my cat may be sick i don't know

by Ashley Divens

when we got our cat about 8 years ago, he jumped around all the time. He loved to run around the house. But now all he does is lay around, and throws up alot latley. He also sits on laptop now. He hasnt eaten alot latley. I need to know whats wrong with him because im staring to feel that hes sick but i dont want him to die.

Hi Ashley
As cats get older they can slow down and not be some energetic as they once were. It could simply be age related. However the not eating much and the vomiting could be an indication of something being wrong.

Now you say you love your cat and don't want him to die and so your best and only thing to do is to take him to see a vet and have him checked over. If something is wrong then the earlier it is caught the better.

As cats get older it is important that they receive at least a yearly checkup from the vet anyway to ensure continued good health as they get older.

Take him to see a vet soon at the very least it will give you peace of mind and possibly a happier life for your cat if he is unwell.

best wishes kate

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