My cat may lose her leg

Hi I was gone for about 2 days and my cat stayed home. I live in a small apartment and she never got into trouble before. Now i came home and found her with one of her back legs tied up in a curtain rope thing. I took her immediately to the vet, who rubbed her leg with some minty gel, gave her a shot and told me to give her a pill for about 4 days (I do not know what the shot or the pill are). He also told me what I had feared most - that the cat will probably have her leg amputated. Now, I don't live in the US and vet care around here is definitely not the best. My cat's leg is swollen, has changed its color from pink to dark blue, it's obviously ischemic. She has apparently lost all sensitivity to it so I know it looks pretty bad. From your experience, does she stand a chance for recovery? Thank you for your time

Answer by Kate
Well I am not a vet and so cannot say for sure what the damage to the leg may be and whether or not the damage would mean that the leg is useless or not.

I would say that as long as the cat is not in pain that the vet may give the leg some time to heal in case the damage can be repaired ie nerve damage or bruised tissue.

However if the nerves are dead or if tendons or bones are broken then yes the leg may be useless and need to be amputated.

I know how you may feel about this but if your cat is healthy and strong in every other way then cats can quite happily cope with a leg missing, they are very clever at adapting to their injury.

if the cat does lose her leg then their are other web sites who are able to give you all the advice needed on how to look after a three legged cat.

i also have a web page about this disability which you may find of further interest here

I hope all goes well and fingers crossed that the leg may be saved.

best wishes kate

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More info
by: Voxego

Hey, thanks for your support, it sure feels good to share this tragedy with someone.
My cat is doing much better, so far she had shots with antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs, pills for vessel dilatation, some electro stimulation and a whole lot of massage. The leg now looks completely healthy, color wise, has returned to its normal size and shape. Unfortunately kitty has no sensitivity in her paw and has a hard time controlling it (when she walks she keep stepping on her paw) Some days things look better, we hope she'll be able to keep her leg.
Once again, thanks, this website is great!

3 legged kitty
by: Becky

Hi.....just wanted to say I rescued a kitty who we think crawled into a engine to get warm and had his leg chopped up pretty bad. He was very sick so vet first got him somewhat healthy and then amputated his back leg and most of his tail. He recuperated in our back room,alone. It took some adjustments, learning how to walk again but 2 years later he is amazing. He runs like a champ and wrestles with the other kitties. He walks with a limp but other than that....great! I hope your kitty recovers but if must have his leg off he can do me I know.

comment from kate
thanks Becky for your reassuring words, its always good to have the voice of someone who has experienced the problem first hand. Thank you for contributing to this question.

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