My cat meow's at night

by Andrea
((Long Island, New York))

My cat has started bringing socks that she finds in the laundry room and meowing very loudly in the middle of the night. I know she thinks that she is bringing us a gift and we praise her, but she just keeps it up all night. This behaviour has just started in the last month. The animals in the home consist of four dogs, and 2 cats. What's causing her to behave like that.

Answer by Kate
meowing during the night is a common problem for cat owners not so for the cats as this is their noraml active time and they want to play and hunt and do all sorts of exciting catty things. Meowing is the way they try to get you to pay them attention. Read my page on this site about meowing behaviour it may give you a few ideas.

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my cat to but no socks
by: Anonymous

My cat is 19 and a half . He has his problems but one of them is meowing . He always wakes us up . He likes to sleep on my mom and dads bed . But then he will jump down and walk and sit in the living room and meow . We somtimes yell his name or get up and chase him then bring him in bed with us . He knows when I chase after him he is in trobel . He runs and I grab him and bring him in bed . About a hour and a half later he meows again . We don't think it's pain at all . but it may be him getting lonely in the middel of the night. When we had our other cat she would keep him occupied . And we had to have to have her put to sleep . So he has been meowing in the night ever sense . What do you think?

Answer by Kate
well cats are more active at night anyway and so many owners find that there cats want some attention at night time.

You will have to try and get them ion to a routine of sleeping through out the night. feed them just before you go to bed and play a boisterous game with him to wear them out about half an hour before bedtime too.

You may even have to keep them in a separate room at night to stop them waking you.

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