My Cat Milton wont stop peeing and pooping on the floor..

by Kristina
(Centreville MI. U.S)

My cat milton is 1 yr. and 7 months old we have a dog that he is friends with and a cat (male) which he plays with. Ever since he was six months old (thats when we nutered him and declawed him) he has been peeing and pooing on the floor that is also when he started to do alot of exploring around the house and ever since then he has been peeing an pooping on the floor. The litter boxs are always clean and we have always used the same kitty litter ever since we got our first cat Brutous (about 10 yrs old) they are also easy to find as long with the my question is What is the problem with him and how do i fix it? i want him to stop peeing and pooping on our floors.

Kristina Jennett
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My first thought is, are you sure your cat is not in some pain or discomfort? I ask this as the problem started after you had him declawed (sadly). This operation is banned in many countries and I believe there is also a petition in America also trying to pass this law. The issue is that it is not only unfair and totally unnecessary but it can also cause permanent pain for some cats.

Cat urination and defecation around the home is caused for two possible reasons. A urinary infection
Or behavioral due to some form of anxiety and they are trying to scent the home to help them feel more comfortable and relaxed there. See this page for more on this

The above pages should be able to help you discover it either of these problems are the possible cause.

best wishes kate

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