My cat now cannot sit !!

by Linda
(Essex UK)

My lovely 4 year old Bengal boy has been very ill for quite a few weeks

It started as a lame front leg followed by an extremely high temperature for a week. the next symptoms were lame back legs and snoring followed by watery eyes and sneezing.

He has lost so much weight, The vet has been treating him with antibiotics and some other tablet for his chest and his health has greatly improved.

He is now sleeping normally rather than all the time.....He eats and drinks normally and goes outside to use the toilet rather than the indoor litter tray he was using when very ill.

New problem seems to have started, whrn he first became more mobile he would limp for the first few steps and resisted jumping up or down, he now moves much more easily but today I noticed that he literally cant sit down on his bottom. He tries several times and then gives up and flops onto his side to lay down.

Any ideas on what could be wrong with him?

Thanks Linda and Leo

Answer by KAte
Well it sounds like your cat had something like cat flu. This would have made him very sore and stiff all over and would account for the limping etc.

However it is strange that he cannot sit not. I wonder if an infection has sprung up in his rear end which may have caused his anal glands to be sore or blocked. If I were you I would definitely take him back to have that area looked at. If it is blocked anal glands then the vet will need to clear them.

I really hope your cat is back to his old self soon. It sound like he has been through the wars lately.

best wishes kate

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