My cat poops every time she passes gas

by Marie

I have part siamese cat that is a little of a year old. I got her last new years eve and then around July or August she had 5 kittens. Ever since then she'll fart and when she does she poops. It's not a big pile or anything just little spots but it's everytime. Do you know what is causing this and what i can do to help her.

Answer from KAte
Either she has loose stools or she has lost some elasticity in that area after the birth of her kittens. If this has been going on for all that time i really do think your best option is to take her to see the vet, he may have seen this before in cats who have given birth and be able to recommend some treatment. At the very least if he thinks it is just a tummy upset causing her stools to be loose then at least you can easily sort this out with change of diet and or medication.

best wishes Kate

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Darts and poops
by: Anonymous

I have a rescue cat who poops when he darts has anyone got any advice please, I'm forever cleaning up

kitten that poops while passing gas
by: Candie

I rescued a kitten a week ago and am starting to regret my decision to bring her her home. She passes gas a lot and I have noticed that during or right after she passes gas, she poops running stool and it kinda grosses me out. What could be causing this??

She's a kitten. they tend to have softer stools which do rather smell a lot. this changes as they get older probably around 8 months to a year.

As for the gas well often when a cat is rehomed there is a period of adjustment to new food and environment and this can cause a upset tummy too. She needs times to settle down.

If the poo remains runny or gets worse then she will need to see a vet. You do have to be careful that dehydration does not set in.

To able a cat owner these kings of issues are all part of it. And if you're not really the sort of person who can cope with this sort of thing then perhaps you should consider returning her to the rescue center.

best wishes kate

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