My cat puked up a bloody worm!

by Camie Heuer
(Salem, oregon)

Before he did this he began sneezing like he had a cold. That night i found patches of vomit all over my bed, normal kind of stuff. I thought maybe he ate something that didn't agree with him. i didn't pay much attention until my daughters husband seen him puke up a bloody worm! i was shocked so i went and got some medication called pro pet and i put it in his food. He hasn't vomited since, no blood just he wheezes which scares me. For the next three days he looked really sick, but he seems to be purking up now. He eats and drinks like he always has ( healthy appetite)he's loving as usual, what could be wrong now? his wheezing is still a problem. He's my baby! any advice to lead me on the right direction would be awesome!

Thanks for your time, Camie

Answer by KAte
Hi Camie
well I am not a vet and so cannot give you an actual diagnosis for sure.
I really don't like the sound of your cat vomiting up blood this may suggest either a rupture in the throat or something in the stomach. Some poisons can cause this but I am not saying that this is what happened.

I really would strongly recommend that you get your cat to see a vet at the earliest opportunity. If there is something which needs treatment then the sooner that can e begun the better the outcome.

I hope it is something which can be easily treated.

best wishes Kate

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