My cat pulls out her fur.

by Bellz
(Kansas City, Missoure,USA)


My cat pulls out her fur and leaves bald spots. She is only about 9 months old and it is starting to worry me. The doctors have tried medication and even perscription food. Please I am despret! Please if this has happened to you before please tell me what is wrong! I am really scared. Please Email me at if you have an aswer. Please help! Thank you for your time :D,

Answer by Kate
Sometimes bald patches appear or are pulled out by what is known as over grooming by the cat. if the vet acnnot find any reason such as a skin allergy or mites etc then it is usually put down to stress of some sort.

I have two pages on my site that you might find of interest. the first is about cat fur and skin problems and the second is about nervous cats who can as onae of their symptoms over groom and cause bald spots.

Here are the links, I hope they are able to help you further.

best wishes Kate

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Cat pulling Fur
by: rebecca

My cat didn't start pulling at her fur until I got a new kitten that required more attention at the time. Before the new kitten, she got received of attention. Just wondering if she's envious of the attention the newby is getting, and it has maybe stressed her out to a point to start this fur pulling. I have been giving her more attention lately, and it may be getting better, but I'll not know until I keep am eye on her to get her to stop ..if I catch her doing it again. It does concern me that she might be really stressed out over the new kitty. I rescued both at practically birth, so extra attention was required in the beginning for both. The fur puller will be 3 in July and the new kitten will be 1 yr in August.

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