My cat ran away

by Tamra
(El Dorado Hills, Ca.)



I am so sad, because we moved and my cat has ran away, and won't come back. Its been one week now. We were told after one week you can let your cat go outside. She didn't seem to be really nervous or upset she would kick back and lay on her back like she did alot, except at night she would keep us up by meowing really loud, and wanting to go outside. Now that I have researched a little bit I have read that you should wait more than one week and take baby steps before you let them outside, and sometimes they try to smell their way back to the other house. She is five years old and was so comfortable where we used to live. We were there for three years and in a quiet culdesac. This house we live in now is on a busier street both front and in the back of our house. It is in the hills though, and our neighbors across the street back up against a wild life area where we have heard about coyotes, mountain lions, and such. I have flyers up all over but have a feeling I won't see her again. I don't want to think the worst, but its hard not to. Is it possible that she would rather be wild and just not want to come home? Is it also possible that even though its been one week that she could come back? Can she find her way back even though we haven't been here very long? I am sorry to ramble, but I am sick, and would like to know if there is any hope at all?

Thank you,

Answer by Kate
ye there is hope. My sisters cat
got out after being with her and in a new area after 1 day. he was missing for two weeks , then just turned up again. We even believe he had been sighted over two miles away, so that shows you how far they can wander when exploring a new territory.

Make sure you call her every day, leave food out for her and also leave something outside that has her scent on it to help her find her way home.

cats are smart and so there is no reason for them not to want to return to a warm cosy home where food is always available. So it could simply be that she has gone on a mammoth explore.

of course, there are other possibilities, some of which you mentioned and of course someone else may have taken her in. So it is important that you put up as much information as you can and to also speak to local authorities and animal charities that may be able to help.

Also check back with neighbours from your old area (if its near by) just in case she has tried to return home (this is rare though).

I have a web page about what to do when you loose a cat here which may be of further use.

I hope she returns soon, but if unfortunately she does not, do not blame yourself. i always say that we do not own our cats they choose to be with us and at heart they are still cats with all the cat instincts. So if they do wander off to do catty things and are unable to return for whatever reason, it was there choice and all you can do is be there for them.

best wishes kate

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Im really sad because your cat ran away
by: Edward

I love cats sorry that your cat ran away I know this girl her cat ran away too when she moved the cat ran out the door she went after it and the cat just ran off its so sad sorry about that poor cat

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