my cat seems fearful all the time.

by maureen

My cat was a stray and has been with us 6yrs she is around 11yrs old she has always been very jumpy and nervous, sometimes she will come to us and is very loving then for no reason she runs away from us as though we are a threat she been treated with lots of tlc since we got her but can’t seem to get her trust completely .She also sits for hrs in the rain and runs away if i try to get her in. We were told to try Feliway but it has little or no affect i’m at a loss what to do i don’t want her to continue to live in fear.

Well what can I say. At 11 years old she will be pretty much set in her ways now.

I think that she has learned over her life to be very cautious around people. You don’t know what she went through when she was a stray and this experience has probably shaped the way she is and will always be.

My sister had a stray cat and all his life he was the same. Never let anyone near him and always seemed to be grumpy with strangers. But he loved my sister.

It sounds to me like your cat will always be a little nervous around people even you but that does not mean she is living in fear. If she was unhappy and scared she would simply not stay with you. The very fact that she does says loads. She trusts you enough to feel safe enough to stick around but to try and change her behaviour now would be folly.
I know the feliway does not always work for all cats. There are also other herbal natural calmatives that can be given to cats and they may work better. It may be worth a go but do not expect a great change in her behaviour.

See my page here for more on these calmatives

best wishes kate

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my cat is fearful all the time
by: maureen

Well happy to report i have moved back from Germany to UK we have a little bungalow and Queenie who has been fearful all of her time with us is so different.She is no longer so afraid she settled in well after the long journey and her confidence has grown , she is laid back and quite calm , and i have no answer for this turn around but happy for her .

my cat is fearful all the time
by: maureen lloyd

Taken my cat to vets today she;s been treated for ticks and fleas vet says that is what is causing stress ,our problem is our garden which is full of ornamental grasses ,vet to see her next week if her fear and stress is not better.She is confined to house for rest of the week.

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