My cat seems scared all of a sudden

by Penny
(Griffin Ga)

My cat seems scared all of a sudden. She walks bend down close to the floor. Goes and hides in a spot and we do not know why she does it. She also acts like she sees something in the room and no one else can see it.

Answer by Kate
Hi well it it is difficult to say whether or not she is genuine afraid of something or if her actions are a result of discomfort etc. Often cats will act in a strange manner when they are physically distressed.

If something has frightened them then it can sometimes be difficult to discover what the cause is. and should subside within a few days.

If the symptoms persist or are constant then I would definitely take them to a vet to make sure that their are no physical reasons for his behavior.

In the mean time here is my web page about scared or nervous cats

best wishes kate

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fleas can make them act scared ?
by: April

well my kitten has fleas and she seems scared all of a sudden like your cat. she does it often only when she has fleas we think. thanks for all your nice articles they help alot !! :)

I figured out what the problem was lol
by: Penny

My son got a new bike for Christmas... and every time she rounded the corner and saw the bike (I kept close eye on her after she started acting funny)... she would do what I described.. so I got her and moved a lil close to the bike and she went crazy.. it was the bike that scared her! Thankfully she is now use top the bike being in the house and she isnt acting the same way anymore!

Thank you for your help. I just never knew it couldve been a change in scenery that would make her act like that!


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