My cat seems to be in trouble

by Lidia
(Parkton, NC)

I have a black female cat, she is approx 2 years old. I have only had her since December '10. She was an indoor cat, but with expecting a baby shortly, we had to put her and our other cat outside. She's adjusted alright, but has disappeared a few times. This morning I notice that after returning from taking my husband to work, something was not right.

Before I left I fed them, and didn't notice anything amiss. When I was walking towards our house she was laying on the back porch, and did not get up, I called her name, nothing. She was awake just not getting up, completely unlike her, and had me concerned. (Especially with recent issues with a neighbor) She is not spayed to our knowledge and is scheduled for spaying in November (soonest apt the vet would give us). While checking her over I noticed that her stomach is getting hard, nipples enlarged, there are brown spots on her nipples and there is thick almost hard puss - yellow - coming out of her vagina. In my cat knowledge from having cats all my life, and already asking another friend with the same experience. We are at a complete loss. I have been searching the internet with no luck yet. HELP PLEASE

well the fact is, if she is not spayed and is left outside then their is every possibility that she could be pregnant and about to give birth, these my be the first signs of this happening.

i get so angry with vets, how can they leave a cat un spayed for so long, november is ridiculous or course she is going to get pregnant.

To be honest with you I think you need to have her checked over by a vet just in case she does also have an infection, also if she is pregnant then you will know for sure that it's coming and will have to make some plans for the future etc.

My website has lots of pages about kitten care if you do end up with some kittens in the near future.

best wishes kate

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