My Cat seems unhappy

My two and a half year old Tabby boy cat, who is one of two I have seems unhappy. He is a bit younger than his brother, but is however the less active one. When I'm home he: follows me around the house, scratches at doors of rooms I,m in, paws me to pat him but doesn't stay long. He hardly ventures outside, and is much fatter than his brother. He also waits to eat after his brother has. He just never seems quite settled lastly; he often starts at the slightest movement or sound.

Answer by Kate
It sounds as if your cat may be either bored or slightly insecure and anxious. Now why this should be it is impossible to say. he may just be the sort of cat who as they say is a bit of a scaredy cat an prefers to stay close to its owner. unfortunately this does not lead to a very happy or fulfilled cat life.

As to what you can do about this, well he needs to get more confidence and also to discover the joys of play and exercise, this in itself will help him with his confidence as well as his weight.

Unfortunately this does mean being a little tougher with him, tough love as they call it. meaning that you will have to not give in to him all the time when he seeks you out. This way he will learn to be a little more independent.

He also needs his environment to be more exciting and stimulating with regular but specific play times with you. this way he knows he gets the attention but when you say so.

Can I suggest you take a look at the following pages here. i think they all may contain elements which could help your cat become more confident and generally happier in himself. At this point I always lke to make sure that you have ruled out any medical conditions which may be causing him some distress. A trip to the vets to get an over all assessment is a really good idea so that you have a good starting place to help your cat from.

I do hope he finds his feet soon, theres nothing worse than a sad cat is there. :)

best wishes KAte

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