my cat sir. robert is in heat and i dont know how to help him.

by apple
(ny, ny)

i just recently moved to a new apt, and about 3 days ago my cat Sir. robert (1yr old) entered his horny stage as some may call it.

regularly he just lays around and sleeps most of the day, now he does about the same but if i were to get up and move in a fast motion or reach around him to grab my beer he begins to meow very loudly and excessively, starts to claw at my arm or legs and begins to nibble/bite me and then starts to hump me. when this started ill snap my fingers and tell him to stop (hes trained to lay down when i snap my fingers or get off of something he wasnt supposed to jump on/climb) when i do this he lays down for like 15 mins, and then goes right back at it. i can see that hes obviously in pain and needs to release..but i dont want him to spray in my house. i schedules and apt this weekend to get him neutered but i just cannot take this anymore. what should i do to help him out?

Answer from KAte
you are doing the right thing in having him neutered. this will make him a far happier more contented cat who will not be frustrated any more.

However you also need to make sure that his new inside home is stimulating enough to keep him happy. Cats really should be allowed outside to be able to do all the cat like things that their instinct dictates, hunting, climbing, chasing etc. However going outside is not always possible so you have to make his inside world as entertaining as possible for him. I have a web page about this issue with some ideas on it here

You could also try one of those plug in sprays which is designed to help calm cats down. I believe its called felaway. your pet shop may have it or it is available online i think. I have not tried it myself but i have heard of some people finding it useful.

best wishes Kate

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