My cat skirts liquid when afraid

by Shyanne

Whenever my cat gets severely frightened, she lets this awful odored liquid out of her behind. I want to know if she gets so scared that she s***'s herself, or if it's a self defense method they use like skunks....

No its through fear i'm afraid. It is rather unusual though and am wondering if she has something wrong in her anus which means she has no control over it. you may want to think of taking her to see a vet to have this checked out.

if you have a cat that gets frightened easily there are cat calming sprays and medications which can help them cope with life better. see this page for more on these


best wishes kate

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What it actually is...
by: Jennifer

Your cat empties his anal glands, when they are scared or startled they secrete a liquid from sacs located near the anus. They also usually, or at least should, empty them when they delicate as well, it is natural. Dogs do it too. In the wild these glands are used to mark their territory, these days being domesticated they do serve much of a purpose. Your cat is just fine, nothing to be worried about.

mine to!
by: Anonymous

my cat does it when he is mad at you, i call it butt puss

squirts liquid
by: Anonymous

my cat also has a bad odor coming from her bum and a liquid also but not because she is scared does that mean a infection some where what should i do

It could be severe diarrhea or it may be an infection. either way it needs to be examined and looked into by a vet as soon as possible. Kate

by: Shyanne

Thank you so much! I've looked at the link that you had posted for me to look at, it was very helpful. My cat has only done this twice though, and it's when she gets in a fight with "new pet guests". So it makes sense now. But she she never acts different after the fact. And she acts normal all the time still, so I'm not so concerned. but again, thank you, it's very appreciated. :)

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